Liverpool is well known worldwide for the music it produces, a great accent, and world class architecture. We know that Liverpool is thriving in the business world, and a platform for businesses to connect will help push the city further. That’s where The Business Culture comes in.

We all know how daunting it can be to go it alone, which is why The Business Culture is set up to be a place where people can get great advice and meet others with the same passion for business.

Every city in The Business Culture’s network is run by an experienced business person who manages their website, organises events, and helps TBC reach businesses in their area.

We work on a franchise model with a twist. We provide you with the fully built website where you can interact with your members and organise events, offer unlimited support, and are there to guide you wherever you need.

If you fancy owning and running your own business, whilst being supported by and enthusiastic and experienced team of professionals, feel free to contact us via:

Phone: 01482 816 910
Email: [email protected]

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