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Words Shape Our Life

Have you ever considered the reason why your life is where it is and maybe not where you thought it should be?

We can all point to things that have shaped our lives, situations or circumstances that have left a lasting impression on us.

We can look at what we expected others to do for us that never materialised and have a blame attitude mentality.

We can attribute things like our parents, school, physical appearance, the place we live, our environment and many others as the reason we live the life we do.

But have you ever considered that your life to date has been shaped primarily by what comes out of your mouth, by that I mean what we speak each and every day?

Our words have POWER.

Our words have the ability to destroy or build up that which they are spoken to or over.

If we find ourselves always using negative, destructive words in all the situations we experience in life, guess what, we end up living out the exact life we have been prophesying.

On the other hand, the more we use positive, constructive, empowering, life giving words we will eventually end up living lives that reflect that.

Not sure if you agree with this, then try speaking negative words for 7 days and see what effect this will have on your own and the lives of others.

The results will amaze you. You may find that your popularity has somewhat diminished.

However, I suggest that you stop after 7 days or sooner and then start speaking positive, encouraging words and start to see a remarkable turnaround in your life.

As it is written “ life and death are in the power of the tongue.”

Remember words have POWER.

They never return back to us without fulfilling that which they where sent out to achieve.

So,  you may now want to consider where you would like your life to go. It’s not as hard as you might imagine. Just be mindful of what you are speaking into your life.

Motto: Think Before You Speak.

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