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Wines for Christmas Day

Christmas is nearly here! I’m sure you’re all prepared and have finished the wrapping, decorating and removing cats from the Christmas tree (or perhaps that will just be me!). So with this in mind you may well be looking to what you’re serving on this joyous day. This for me is the best part, a chance to be a little naughty in terms of the waistline, enjoy great food, lovely company and partner all that with the perfect bottle of something delicious!


“But what with?” I hear you ask..

Personally I always like to find a local source for all of our Christmas fayre, there is nothing better than finding locally organically grown produce and free-range, reared with pride meats. Sure there is a cost implication, but then isn’t there always. This time of year is a chance to indulge, enjoy and make memories, so that’s enough of an excuse for me. So after you’ve finished scouring your local villages or calling on your relative with the allotment for all you vegetable related needs, it’s time for wine! I too like to carry on my effort to find something special to compliment the fabulous plates of food at this time of year. Depending on what you are serving of course, you may need a powerful and rich red, or a lighter crisp palate cleansing white.

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