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‘Why we need stress and how to manage it” – a business networking event

Wednesday 17th saw a fantastic turn out at the latest Business Culture Hull event where 12 new members, who had joined the ranks since the beginning of January, pushed our already strong full membership up a notch to a powerful 120!

Martin Johnson

Martin Jonhson

Held at the Airco Business Lounge, with sponsorship from Humber IT, the 70 visitors in attendance listened to a very empowering talk from none other than Martin Johnson of Trans 2 Performance. He had come to talk about ‘Why we need stress and how to manage it”.

Now touted as one of the best Hull Business Networking event to attend, it was met with a huge thumbs up from the audience who felt they could all relate to how stress can impact on busy wor

Andy Crozier

Andy Crozier

k lives but felt Martin’s simple but effective explanation left them really understanding how to work with it to succeed.

Andy Crozier from Insight Photographers was on hand to take some great action shots alongside official on-site videographers Kris Bilski from Astor Productions.

Our bi-monthly business networking events are now members only due to the sheer scale of our events.

“If you would like to become a member of The Business Culture Hull and share in all its benefits please contact “. It really is the hub of local networking events in Hull.

Our next business and cultural networking event will definitely leave you reeling as we invite both members and non-members to the hugely iconic St Paul’s Boxing Club, Hull on Tuesday 13th February from 6pm until 9pm. To reserve your place and help restore a beautiful piece of Hull’s history to full glory, click here… Networking at St Paul’s Boxing Club


Visit for more information.


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