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When Stress Hits The Roof

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Stress in the workplace isn’t always a bad thing, the right amount of stress can allow us to perform at our peak, meaning we nail down that deal or tender, complete a project that keeps clients and bosses very happy. 

But how do we know when we pass that peak and performance diminishes. 

Here is 5 signs to know when to take a step back or change things up: 

  • Has your attention span gone? Do you find yourself checking social media or disappearing for another coffee after a stretch of productive work? Do you find the focus and energy you applied half an hour ago you now struggle to maintain.
  • How’s your mood? Are you less optimistic about the outcome than you were to begin with? Has excitement about the challenge switched to frustration?
  • How’s your stamina looking? Feel like you’ve run out of steam? Or hit a brick wall?
  • How does your body feel physically? Heartburn? Headache appeared? Suddenly got back pain, feel dizzy or find your heart rate feels unusually high?
  • Suddenly found yourself being overly negative? Minor issues and feeling like major issues?

Are these striking a cord with you?

When you recognise stress is about to take hold, step away and engage in an activity that calms you, yoga, walking, the gym. Taking an hour our can mean the next two hours are far more productive with you re-engaged. 

Given the cost to employers when employees become too stressed it makes sense to offer a space to go switch off in the office, promote walking or allow flexible working hours to go and relax over lunch.

Business owners and team leaders looking to improve staff wellbeing please feel free to contact me: [email protected] OR 07827322532.

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