What to do with a student!

What a wonderful thing getting positive feedback is.

We work closely with Sarah Barley at South Hunsley 6th form providing the Employability Passport to the Employer Led year 13 students. We recently had a request from 2 students from the programme to come for a placement and here is some feedback from one of the students.

– introducing a young lady – Maddy;

Inspire Ignite

The InspireIgnite Employability Passport has been a rewarding process throughout the 2018-2019 academic year, at South Hunsley it has given myself and 30 other year 13 students the opportunity to gain vital employability skills within a friendly environment. Sue and Hannah, encourage change and growth within adolescents and young adults. The four sessions spread throughout the year, gave myself and my peers unprecedented skills needed to be an engaging candidate for an employer through; team building activities and active presentations. These skills included, self-management, teamwork, business and customer awareness, problem solving, communication and literacy, application of numeracy technology, and development of self-confidence which I believe is a real issue with young adults in today’s society, and so was very relevant.


Sue and Hannah also provided insightful booklets the ‘personal passports’ to build up profiles of ourselves, and the Belbin ‘Get Set’ these helped us find our personal strengths and weaknesses and help produce an exceptional CV as well as establishing confidence to prosper in academic interviews as well as job interviews.

The sessions were energetic and stimulating, which gave myself and my peers the confidence to interact and communicate with Sue and Hannah and also with each other. These activities presented by Sue and Hannah were intimate and designed to encourage us to problem solve with confidence so we can use these skills in later life, for example when issues arise and we have to determine the best solution to gain the best outcome, even if it was unexpected. Each of these sessions left us feeling confident and comfortable with who we were as people and created an atmosphere of mindfulness, knowing how we could improve our employability skills, minimising the stress of the working environment and understanding the reasons for our behaviour and emotions towards stressful situations.

On work experience with Hannah and Sue, I also got the chance to read the series of books created for InspireIgnite’s ‘Me, Myself and I’ primary school programme. These novellas are a true insight to the devotion and dedication both Hannah and Sue have for their work. They have created a series of 8 books highlighting, choice, respect, courage, determination, control, confidence, attitude and positivity; all of which each of us have something to learn from every now and then. The books represent the mindfulness children at a young age are able to achieve, encouraging them to speak out and communicate their emotion, helping teachers, students and parents to recognise any mental health issues concerned with young children and to boost their morale in accordance.

                 Maddison Taylor-West (On work experience from 16/4/19-17/4/19)

One piece of advice for any SME thinking of inviting a student to have a placement – fill their time with experiences that are unique to your business. Encourage the young person to experience the passion you feel for your business and if you don’t have passion for your business don’t invite a student.

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