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Let’s embrace technology but remember to keep it human

Have you really stopped to look around the room at The Business Culture Hull events? You’d be surprised just how many great conversations are only a stride away and yet you worry that they’ve heard your story before so how could you possibly be their next exciting opportunity.  Wrong!

The latest thinking is that we should all go back to traditional business relationship-building by sharing our latest business ideas with those we see the most of. Not only are they our greatest supporters but they’re the most cost effective and honest sounding boards we’re ever likely to get. Who needs survey monkey when you’ve got Dave from down the road! It’s what we’re all about in Hull, right?!

Some of our most loyal members only have small teams, with many only having themselves to bounce ideas off. Imagine how much insight you could gather from sitting down and really talking through your ideas with someone who gets you.

The Business Culture Hull is built on solid personal and professional relationships. Ones that are sure to stand the test of time and see you through the biggest journey of your life – your business life.

So, to back us up on this are our next guests, the Edenic Group, who will be talking about innovation, what innovation is and how this can be harnessed by companies of all sizes to be disruptive in their sector and ensure they remain relevant and future facing in what is a fast paced, developing world.

Technology is evolving at an incredible rate, the consumer is changing how they interact, use and purchase products and services and the need to think differently to ensure a secure business future is more important than ever.

So, come along to Airco on March 14th and really make the most if your member-only time in the room. We’d love you to leave with one inspirational idea or approach brought about by talking to those you see every week or month but never get the chance to sit down and talk to.

Places are going fast so we’d encourage you to book your place today. If you’d like to get in touch with a particular member of the group but would like us to support you in making an introduction please drop us a line and we’ll make sure you get a chance to meet on March 14th.

Until then, have a fantastic couple of weeks and come see us, armed with a little bit of time to share.

This next event is only open to members but if you know anyone who would like to join The Business Culture Hull and share in all its benefits please contact Tony Bowler at

If you are a member and wish to reserve a place please book here… Reserve a Place

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