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What features would make a fantastic co-working space?

We take a look at our top 5 features that make a fantastic co-working space!

1 – Collaboration spaces

Ever increasing in popularity, collaborative areas create a space for new ideas and communication. Creating zones which act as a creative hub for self-expression is vital for a start-up or freelancer and is one of the driving factors behind why new a business may choose a co-working space over a typical office environment. Co-working spaces are able to provide a ‘safe-space’ to work alongside new professionals, focusing on coming together to look at fresh perspectives.

2 – Quiet working areas

When all is said and done sometimes you just need a quiet space to be able to focus on a particular task. That’s why having a balance of quiet working areas is also required to create a calm space and increase concentration levels in an environment which promotes reflection and analysis.

3 – Breakout & relaxing facilities

It’s important to keep in mind that co-working spaces are about creating a work-life balance. Adding informal spaces into the design is vital to keeping up with modern day expectations of the workspace which is no longer confined to the 9-5 daily grind, and informal breakout areas provide a great solution to reduce stress and increase productivity by being in a more relaxed and stimulating environment.

4 – Flexible working

Create a flexible working environment for your clients by providing appropriate desking areas which offer comfort and ease. Sit-stand desks are a great way of offering a health-conscious way of working. It’s important to keeping health & well-being at the forefront of design, giving the users the choice to work in an adjustable way to what suits their needs.

5 – Community, creativity and culture

It’s vital to instil a sense of community and culture into your co-working environment, as this is a major factor in why freelancers and start-ups decide to move away from the home office. Do this through the use of wall graphics, lighting, and other finishes to create a specific atmosphere for the environment, providing new scenery to take you away from the monotony of a regular office space.

It’s clear that co-working spaces are growing in popularity, as the effectiveness of collaborative areas are proving to be a successful way for freelancers and start-ups to thrive, acting as an incubator for new business. Co-working spaces offer the flexibility, creativity, and culture for a small business to succeed.

To find out more take a look at our case study on co-working spaces, or get in touch!

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