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Webinar Invitation

Expires: May 31, 2020

How to get what you want in business AND keep everyone happy!

Have you asked yourself any of the following questions?

  • Are you effective in winning people over?
  • Do you know what people think about you professionally?
  • Do you have all the right answers but the wrong attitude to retaining customers?
  • Are you attracting the right people?
  • Are you winning people over?

HI Commercial has teamed up with Build Your Business Training to bring you a fun but effective training session, on how you can win people over, win business and build healthy relationships, even with your competitors!

At times every one of us will lack confidence, but this self-doubt’ can make you appear aggressive. If you are not aware of this behaviour you could be doing yourself an injustice.

At this workshop, Build Your Business Training will demonstrate how to be dominant without being aggressive.

In just one hour, we aim to boost your confidence and learn how to be assertive not aggressive in business!

When: Thursday 28 May 2020 at 10:00.

Where: Webinar

Book: HERE.

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