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V-Link24 Video Conferencing

Introducing V-Link24 Since 1992, Language is Everything’s aim has been to help people and businesses to connect and collaborate without barriers. Today more than ever we need to take into account the environmental impact of all of our business practices.

One way we can help reduce this is by eliminating the fuel burned to transport our linguists, often to numerous appointments per day. To do this, along
with our telephone interpreting service, we have developed V-Link24 to bring businesses together, both across the Humber and beyond.

V-Link24 Video Conferencing is an easy to use and reliable communications and connectivity solution. Businesses and individuals can work together in real time from any location nationwide to help build their competitive edge and brand awareness, all at the click of a mouse.


V-Link24 also offers language support with access to our database of spoken language and signing interpreters, for business meetings, interviews and even private tuition with our professional linguists. Be connected, be in touch and improve the environment in which we work. V-Link24 is the effective
and environmentally friendly video conference service from the centre of Hull.



For further information call Freephone
0800 731 7878



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