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Teamwork Thanks To The Business Culture

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This is the first news post from Blue Deer but it’s really to promote not only myself, cabung and Feet First, it also goes to show the power of The Business Culture.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Tony via LinkedIn and he sold the idea of The Business Culture to me. Not long after that I met with John from cabung who in turn I introduced to The Business Culture.

From there I started to work closely with John on marketing his innovative new product via social media which then led him to require a promotional video. Once again I contacted Tony and he introduced us to Feet First. The circle was complete and the video can be seen on the cabung YouTube channel here:

Cabung Promo Video

John from cabung will be at the next TBC Networking Event next week and would love to hear your thoughts on his product.

If you require any information on any of our businesses then we are all contactable through The Business Culture on our own individual profiles.

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