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Internationally-renowned clinical hypnotherapist Sheila Granger reached the national finals of the Federation of Small Businesses Awards 2018.


She recently attended a glittering award ceremony which took  place on at London’s Park Plaza Westminster Bridge hotel, where she was pitted against 11 other finalists from across the UK in the ‘Business Exporter of the Year’ category. 


Although she didn’t win the ultimate accolade Sheila, who runs an  international hypnotherapy training business from her Anlaby home, said she was ‘overwhelmed and delighted’ to have achieved this all-important recognition for the clinical hypnotherapy profession.


“Clinical hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful discipline which has the ability to literally change people’s lives for the better, but it is often overlooked or dismissed as a form of hocus pocus, simply because people don’t really understand it,” said Sheila.


“Over the years, I’ve achieved some incredible successes in developing my own treatment programmes to help people overcome problems ranging from over-eating and obesity, to lack of self-confidence and fear of flying.


“My focus is now on helping other practitioners around the world to develop their own hypotherapy businesses, to help spread the benefits to even more people, and by doing that to increase the credibility and standing of our profession, against other forms of treatment including more traditional healthcare.


“Recognition like my FSB regional award win and national shortlisting are invaluable in helping me to achieve this goal, and even though I didn’t win, just being involved alongside other, more traditional businesses, was an important step forward.”


Sheila was crowned Yorkshire & Humber ‘Business Exporter of the Year’ at the FSB’s regional awards event which took place at the John Smith’s Stadium in Huddersfield in early March.


She has been recognised for her success in building up a successful global business teaching her clinical hypnotherapy and business development techniques to thousands of fellow practitioners all over the world.


This year she is once again touring the globe to countries including Switzerland, the USA and Canada. Her last speaking series, in 2017, saw her speaking to almost 800 conference delegates in six different countries


In fact, Sheila has been living out of a suitcase ever since she shot to international fame for her pioneering ‘Virtual Gastric Band’, which helps people lose dramatic amounts of weight by re-booting the way they think.



Over the past six years, she has built up a network of 2,500 clinical hypnotherapists, in nine countries around the world, giving them the know-how and confidence to turn their practices into business successes, using her methods.


She recently took this process one step further, by franchising the Sheila Granger brand and enabling other, carefully-selected practitioners to deliver therapist business training using her model. This saw her already-successful business grow by a further 20 per cent in just the past six months.


She now has 20 franchisees in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Belgium and the United States, using Sheila’s branded courses covering areas of hypnotherapy business development including marketing, business growth and financial management.


Sheila’s ultimate goal is to have 200 franchisees on the programme, giving her the potential to reach every hypnotherapist in the world and teach them the foundations of success.


Her personal hypnotherapy manuals cover methods for dealing with everything from smoking cessation to phobia management, sugar addiction and childhood angsts.


Last year she also launched her East Yorkshire Chamber of Complementary Therapists, as another vehicle for bringing practitioners together to share best practice.


Sheila’s hypnotherapy career started with a bang when she responded to a story in her local Hull Daily Mail newspaper, about a woman who hadn’t been able to stop hiccupping for several years. Sheila offered to treat her for free and within just a few sessions she was cured.


She had just re-trained as a clinical hypnotherapist having left behind her long-term career with the employment service locally.

To discover more about Sheila’s work, or to enquire about her training programmes, visit her website.

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