She’s no stranger to award wins, having been judged ‘Business Exporter of the Year’ by the Federation of Small Businesses.

But Sheila Granger has really hit the big time this time, netting the ‘Hypnotherapist of the Year’ award from the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists, for her ‘outstanding support and dedication to the hypnosis community’.

Sheila was handed the accolade – the greatest of her successful 10-year career – during the Hypno Expo international conference in Daytona Beach, Florida.

This is just one of several high-profile worldwide gatherings Sheila takes part in each year, and this time she was presenting to attendees on ‘Evidence Based Approaches to Weight Loss’.

Of her latest win, she said: “It’s difficult to describe just how delighted I am – not to say surprised – to have been chosen for this really prestigious award!”

“One of my missions is to make hypnotherapy more mainstream, by educating more people around the world about its power as an alternative form of treatment for all sorts of issues people experience, and winning the regional FSB award in 2018 was an important step in that process.

“However, being recognised by my peers as offering something outstanding to the profession is extra-special, and the pinnacle of my career so far.”

Sheila became a clinical hypnotherapist 10 years ago, after giving up her previous career with the Employment Service. As well as helping hundreds of clients one-to-one during that time, she has also pioneered a number of groundbreaking programmes including, most famously, her Virtual Gastric Band weight loss regime.

Her unique approach is to use evidence-based methods to tailor new hypnotherapy techniques to real-life problems, from self-destructive relationships with food to lack of self-confidence and a variety of phobias.

Her ‘Believe, by Sheila Granger’ business has expanded to support a network of over 2,500 practitioners worldwide, all trained by Sheila using her unique methods. She also has a network of 20 franchisees in places ranging from Europe to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Through this network, she has helped to transform the lives of tens of thousands of people globally.

Her inspiration? Changing lives by re-setting how people think. Sheila’s business is called ‘Believe, by Sheila Granger’ because she believes that, with help, human beings can tackle any aspect of their lives and make it better.

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