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Property people tour of Beverley’s historic buildings

Event organisers from RICS Hull & East Yorkshire Local Association are inviting people in the property sector to visit two of Beverley’s historic buildings which include a roof tour of Beverley Minster and a visit to The Monks Walk Pub, on 12 September at 5:30pm.

Starting with a roof and building tour of The Minster, the group will learn about its construction and life within, during its long history dating back to 1420.

The second tour is The Monks Walk Pub, one of the oldest properties in Beverley, whose architecture dates back to the 14th Century.

Simon Delaney is a chartered building surveyor from Delaney Marling Partnership and helps to organise the RICS events. He says:

“This event will be wonderful for property people who also have an interest in history. The Minster took 200 years to complete and the central tower still houses the largest surviving treadwheel crane in England, which is used to raise building materials to a workshop located in the roof. When you think about modern construction methods it makes you wonder how they managed without mechanics.”

“We would like to point out that this visit includes a long, steep climb and will require all guests to wear sensible footwear. Anyone with health issues must also consider this before booking.”

“The Monks Walk pub has timbers on the first floor that have been dated by English Heritage from the 14th Century. It is humbling to think these buildings are so old and will outlive us for many generations to come.”

To register for this event, RICS members can visit the Training Events & Conference Page on the RICS website

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