Electrical Apprentice

Merlx Electrical of Hull received a e-mail from a young man last week looking for a placement to complete his apprenticeship, his previous employer tragically died in a motor bike accident 10th April, we were impressed the young man had taken it upon himself to try and find a placement himself so called him up and agreed a trail period



Business Presentation


We are holding a business presentation at our home this Saturday afternoon 28th May primarily for those people with children who struggle to get to our evening BP’s but are keen to have a look at what we do but with the invitation being open to anyone interested in developing an additional income stream. It is a fairly informal event with Prosecco and


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The mind set of Hulls most successful people


Sheila Granger is an international hypnotherapist, recently returned from delivering seminars in Australia and New Zealand, she now has some 1900 practitioners in nine countries. Her soon to be released book, ‘Go the Hull Way’ contains interviews that she has conducted with some of Hull’s most inspirational and successful people, including Tommy Coyle, Dean Windass, Paul Sewell, Jonathan Elvidge……… to