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Our Top 10 Tech Tips

Here at Humber IT, we understand how important it is for you to use technology effectively to free up your time. It’s the little things in life that can build up stress levels, so why not brew a cuppa, sit back and read our Top 10 Tech Tips to lighten your load.


1 – Accidents Happen
Accidentally deleted a file? Moved it into the wrong folder? No problem, Ctrl+Z is your “Undo” tool for so much more than just Word. And if you realise it wasn’t a mistake, simply select Ctrl+Y to redo. If this is not working, restore from recycle bin.

2 – Closed Browser Tabs
Been a bit over clicky closing all your tabs when browsing the web? Bring back a closed tab with Ctrl+Shift+T (or Cmd+Shift+T for you Mac users).

3 – Loooooong Web Pages
Bored wasting your time scrolling down long webpages to find what you are after? Pressing the spacebar or PageUp/PageDown will speed this up for you.

4 – Switching Between Programs
Need to switch through your open windows easily? Alt+Tab is your new best friend. Newer versions of Windows can also use Windows Key+Tab or the Task View button

5 – Quickly Minimise Everything/View Desktop
Tea break time and not a moment to waste? Windows Key+D minimises all your tabs back to the desktop, saving you precious seconds for an extra biscuit.

6 – Excel Tips
Inputting on excel becoming a chore? How about using F4 to repeat the last command over and over and over. If you’re looking to repeat data or a formula, use the tiny square in the bottom right corner of the cell and drag down or across.

7 – Power Surge
Investing a little in a Surge Protector, could save you £hundreds in instances of blackouts, burnouts and surges.

8 – Backup Work
Super important project that just simply must not be lost? Backup to a cloud service or external HDD for that added security.

9 – Taking Forever To Turn On?
Pulling your hair out every morning waiting for your PC to boot? Cut down on the programmes that run in start-up (…but take care, some may be essential). Or invest in an SSD to boot Windows (and your favourite programs if there is space!)

10 – Updates
Want to keep in tip-top PC health and secured from the latest threats? Allow time for updates to run fully and uninterrupted. Remember patch Tuesday!



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