Need some Divine Insight at your next event?

A new joint venture between Divine Clark PR and Insight Photographers is bringing events to life, live, across social media platforms with high quality images and meaningful updates, while the event is in progress.

This new service is aimed at organisers of conferences, seminars, festivals and business celebrations, who are busy managing their event. Divine Insight allows them to get on with what they do best, safe in the knowledge that their social media is active, engaging and professional.

Jess Clark from Divine Clark PR says:

“Divine Clark PR is a Public Relations and social media management company and Insight Photographers are experts at capturing the perfect images. Together we work at events, armed with the organisation’s key messages, culture and ethos. We take photos and interesting video clips, vox pops etc., and upload them throughout the event. We can run a live blog and upload it to the website, share, follow and engage with guests and provide a commentary of the event while it is running.”

This unique idea was born when the pair worked together to support For Entrepreneurs Only (FEO) at The Business Day in June this year. FEO commissioned both companies and when the day was over, both Andy and Jess knew there was an opportunity to deliver this as a service together.

Jess continues:

“If you are an event organiser, you will have everything in place but quite often get to the end of the day without getting out a camera or smart phone. Worst case scenario you maybe managed to get a photo of the empty room before guests arrived and a snap of the audience from the back of the room. As the event photographer, Andy gets stuck in, taking images of the audience from the front of the room, close-ups of the speakers and he can also talk to delegates to get short vox pops. We then upload this content throughout the event, focusing on particular sessions or workshops as they happen. We also pick out the key messages and one-liners from the speakers, soaking up the atmosphere and excitement.”

“Working in this way means it doesn’t just last for the one day, as we build momentum, quoting delegates after the event, tagging and continuing the conversation, which is where the marketing team can pick up where we left off.”

Explaining how Divine Insight came about, Andy Crozier from Insight Photographers says:

“We just had a lightbulb moment after working with FEO at The Business Day. Feedback from the FEO team was that the entrepreneurial spark was alight online, something they just wouldn’t have time to do themselves.”

Jan Brumby from FEO said:  “We were delighted to work with Divine Insight at our ‘Evolution of an Entrepreneur‘ day at Bridlington Spa, which formed part of The Business Day.”

“Jess and Andy are valued members of FEO and were able to capture the entrepreneurial atmosphere perfectly and share it almost instantaneously via our social media channels and website.”

“As the event organiser it was great to feel one hundred percent confident in leaving Jess and Andy to carry out their role with charisma and professionalism. This then freed up myself and my team to focus on other key aspects of the day.”

“Divine Insight’s coverage created a positive social media storm for us. It was an added bonus to be in real time, rather than waiting until after the weekend for the photo proofs and it also gained valuable momentum which gathered pace for the weeks after.”

Now the team are spreading the word about Divine Insight. Andy says:

“We can pick the job up fairly quickly after an initial meeting to gather a brief, we are both seasoned professionals and can just run with it.”

Divine Insight will soon have a website up and running, designed by Nic Johnson from It’seezee Websites Hull – but for any enquiries please email or

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