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Most inspiring member of the month – yesyesBD

The Business Culture Hull is pleased to announce that the first ‘Most Inspiring Member of the Month’ award goes to Wayne Willis from yesyesBD.

The award is presented to the member who not only attends the networking events but has also taken advantage of all the other benefits on offer to all members such as, using the website to promote their good news stories and engaging with Tony Bowler, MD of The Business Culture Hull, in order to make new business connections.Member of the week

The award was presented to Wayne in front of a packed audience at the last networking event at Airco on Wednesday 19th April.

Wayne said I was surprised but absolutely thrilled to receive the inaugural award for most inspiring member. I love being part of The Business Culture, Hull and always look forward to the events. I try to engage with the website and fellow TBC members as much as possible as for me, that’s what this group is all about. Sharing, engaging, helping and inspiring each other to progress and achieve our dreams and goals. Thank you to all of the members, I really enjoy networking with you and special thanks to Tony for his continuous support for yesyesBD.  Since posting the award online across social channels, I’ve been inundated with congratulations, so it’s definitely worth winning if you’re looking to raise your profile. Good luck to the next winner 😊

Wayne fully deserved the award!

Please read below a brief bio about Wayne, his dreams and aspirations and what his ideal client would look like.

Wayne Willis, Co-Owner of yesyesBD.

I’m a 34 year old co-owner of an ad agency, musician (I play keyboards/synths) and animal lover (even though I don’t current own any, but I love dogs). I’ve had a varied background having been in music most of my life. I’ve been lucky to have travelled the world with various bands and seen some pretty brilliant places. I still play, but due to business commitments, I don’t gig as much.

I used to be a music lecturer at Hull College before founding my own business in Audio Branding. This later merged with yesyesBD to become a full service ad agency.

I have an unhealthy love of Spaghetti Bolognese since childhood. I love a good bourbon whiskey and have just started getting back into golf. I love it, but definitely need to work on my game.

Of the places I have been, I love Austria, Hong Kong, Canada and Rwanda. I’ve white water rafted on the River Nile, trekked to visit the mountain gorillas in the Virunga Mountains and strolled around the Rockies in Banff. More of this please.

My dreams and aspirations

I’d like to eventually spend some time in Canada, perhaps move over there later in life. This is much further down the line when I have a strong business here in the UK. Maybe even open an office over there, who knows?

I really love flying and I’m a bit of a plane geek, so learning to be a pilot is definitely up there. Aside from this, the general personal things of a healthy and successful life with people I love.

I aim to spend more time song writing for other artists and producing music, as well as oversee a portfolio of business ventures that i am working on, alongside yesyesBD.

My Business Goals

To be the go to, independent advertising agency in the North of the UK. We are already the highest rated agency in our area on the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) voted for by clients and we’re nominated for 3 prestigious advertising awards this year (fingers crossed).

Advertising is traditionally London centric and even brands in the North (including Hull) still look to the South of the country for this service. We want to change this perception and grow from our base here in Hull, bring business to our part of the country and hiring more local creatives, so they don’t feel the need to move to London for such a role or career progression. We’re a talented bunch here at yesyesBD producing really innovative ideas and creative work. We want the world to see it –  locally, nationally and internationally.

My ideal client(s)

We looking to work with mid-size companies on either a project or retainer basis that are ready to take a good look at the marketing and communications of their business and brand. Ideally the client will be open to new ideas, have a budget to invest in their company’s communications and be ready work with us over time to develop their marketing and reach their business goals. We have a lot of tools in our agency to produce awesome work under pinned by strategic, breakthrough concepts.

For what you can spend on a salary for one person looking after marketing in your business, you can have a whole agency in your arsenal working with you to push your business forward. It’s a collaborative process.

 My contact details

I’m always open for a chat to find out more about fellow businesses and their needs and for you to find out more about yesyesBD.


Call me: Office –  01482 772145 Mobile – 07875 039822

Email me:


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