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Mandy Hildred – Inspiring Business Owners to Achieve Their True Potential

My role as a business coach is varied and challenging.

Coaching is all about improving performance so I get to ask lots of questions and dig deep to understand how a business could be improved.

Most business owners haven’t considered working with a business coach, even though they may have had coaching in another area of their life. I teach them how to make their business run a whole lot smarter, using the ActionCOACH system to implement structure specific to their business. This is all about improving performance and learning new things, so ideal clients are already growing but want to increase profits and efficiency, but may not know how to achieve this.

Clients learn how to implement new systems, get the business under control, build a great team, get more life back and improve the profitability of the business so they can achieve their vision and build for the future. Everyone in the business becomes much happier and the results shine through in the increased profits the business realises as a result.

“I teach them how to make their business run a whole lot smarter”

Mandy Hildred

I’ve been part of the ActionCOACH Global franchise for 13 years, coaching over 80 clients in East and North Yorkshire. I’m passionate about ‘Inspiring Business Owners to Achieve Their True Potential’. If you would like to find out how business coaching could help you, then call me on 07731 503587 or email for your complimentary business review

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