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Make Money Online By Respecting People…

Make Money online by respecting people?

What do you mean Lewis?

Let me explain…

If you are familiar with facebook advertising and online marketing let me explain…

You are constantly bombarded with advertisements day in, day out.

What you are experiencing is companies and brands that you have never heard of, are asking you for the sale. Am I right?

Imagine if you did this real life. “Hey! Would you like to come into my tent and hear my pitch for 10 minutes?” “I’ll go over the testimonials too!”

It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense to go around asking strangers to become customers of yours. Not in 2019 and onwards…

So why do this on the internet?

What if… before we tried selling people online, we built trust first. We gave them perspectives. We “prime” people first. “Priming” is a book called “Blink” by Malcome Gladwell.

The Concept of Priming: Priming is when we alter our behavior in measurable ways due to certain stimuli, such as images, words, and culture.

Another way of looking at “priming” is something called “pre-suasion”

A very similar concept by Robert Cialdini. What someone experiences before a decision is vitally important.

Let’s look at Dr. Cialdini’s definition:

Pre-Suasion: The Process of arranging for recipients to be receptive to a message before they encounter it. Strategically guiding preliminary attention to move prospects into an agreement with the marketing message before they ever experience it.

What I’m saying is don’t disrespect people and the psychological sales process that has to take place.

Give people data, build trust, distribute content first.

Then… out of all the people that have engaged with your brand, show them a sales message.

Get future buyers of products indoctrinated (teach a person or group) to accept a set of beliefs uncritically) from not knowing you (cold audience), to knowing about you and having the right biases, beliefs, and objections handled before and during presenting offers in conversion campaigns.

This strategy works great at increasing the chances of those being targeted to buy, it also lowers the cost of your conversions because you’re only targeting ‘warm audiences’ who know who you are and ideally have the right frame of mind to buy your products. Then comes the time you start making pitches. In addition, you’re building a brand that has a lot of social proof from all the views, likes, comments and shares that all of your content will have, which also increases the probability of others buying from you that you are targeting.

Lastly, you’re lowering your advertising costs significantly, due to cost per engagement and cost per video views averaging to £.01-£.02 whereas conversion campaigns that take users you’re targeting off of FB or IG, costs an average of £.50-£2.00 and has a much lower probability of converting considering the audience’s being targeted have no idea who you are and don’t usually care about you at all at that stage of marketing.

Feel free to message me. I’m here to help.

Lewis Nightingale

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