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A good film can break your heart or make you cry with laughter, a documentary can change the way you think, a powerful advertisement can change the perception of a product and have the potential to leave a lasting impression on the world.

At Astor we specialise in creating a high quality videos, offering all aspects of professional video and media services, including idea development and scripting, capturing stunning 6K cinematic audiovisuals, and polishing it all off in the final edit. Our clients get the full scope of a professional film production whatever the nature or budget of the project. And they are always happy with the results.

We stay at the leading edge of the curve in this age of rapidly developing technology using the most advanced equipment. We are licensed to fly drones and skilled in a range of techniques such as Steadicam and jib operating so we are proficient in getting the shots you need, and even ones you hadn’t thought possible!

Kris Bilski is the director of award winning video company Astor Film Productions Ltd. Anyone who’s worked with Kris and his team know that Astor always provides an outstanding service. With a degree in TV and film production and a breadth of experience working across different platforms, Kris brings a creative flair and professionalism to every project he manages. Astor Film Productions Ltd was a finalist at last year’s Hull Digital Awards

Kirs Bilski, Astor Film Productions Ltd

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