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It’s ok to talk

Once again, The Business Culture Hull (TBCH) has been lucky enough to be invited to host an event at The Halifax Army Barracks, Hull courtesy of Captain Derek Shakesby and The Yorkshire Regiment Alma Company Reserves.

In true TBCH style, the 150 attendees were put through some fundamental training exercises before the event even started!

Having received Morse Coded messages to be deciphered to reveal the location on the Army Barracks, further mission instructions were issued shortly before the event. These included individual call signs that attendees had to recite to the armed guards at the gate to gain access.

National security

All we can say is thank goodness the country’s security and safety wasn’t actually at stake!

The enthusiastic audience gathered to hear guest speaker, Spencer Locker, aka ‘The Interrogator’ from the Channel 4 programme, ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’ give an inspirational presentation about mental health and mental resilience.

Away from the cameras, Spencer Locker runs a successful business, Trans2Performance, which helps people understand and develop strategies for improved mental health and well-being. He is well known for his Resilience Masterclasses, which teach what mental resilience is, how to promote resilience in others, and how organisations benefit from having resilient people.

“You’re not alone, it’s okay to talk and we’re here to help”

Spencer delivered a very entertaining and yet simple and clear message, ‘you’re not alone. It’s okay to talk and, we’re here to help.’
He didn’t however manage to escape the cameras, as the event was filmed for a local TV station, That’s TV Humber. The channel aired the footage over the following two days.

Captain Derek Shakesby followed this up with an engaging presentation on the Alma Company Reserves, and members of the company demonstrated some of their latest kit and weaponry. A particular favourite was a simulator of an anti-tank missile launcher called The Javelin.

Chicken Curry – British Army style

Finally, we enjoyed a slap-up lunch prepared for us by Army Chefs. On tasting the chicken curry, one of our members, Vincent Bergin from Language is Everything, commented that it took him right back to his military days!

We’re very grateful to The Yorkshire Regiment and Captain Shakesby for organising the day with us and to event sponsors, Sharon Porter of RDS Training and of course to Spencer Locker of Trans2Performance.

We’d also like to thank Kevin Greene, our onsite Photographer and

Videographer, Darren Edwards with Spectator cam Neil Hackett.

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