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Hull4Heroes – A Man on a Mission

Most of us have anything but charitable thoughts while waiting for traffic lights to change, but then most of us aren’t Paul Matson.

Born and raised in Hull, Paul served in the British Army – Royal Artillery for 4 years, which took him to places, meeting people and witnessing events that shaped his future.

Paul didn’t find the transition back to civilian life easy, but it wasn’t until 2015 while working on the BBC’s DIY SOS for the second time helping out with the Veteran Street project in Manchester, that he realised that he was far from being alone. This realisation brought Paul comfort and horror in equal measure, and it was on a return trip from Manchester that Paul had an idea and green was literally ‘go’ on a life-changing project.

Within weeks, Paul had formed Hull 4 Heroes and together with a group of volunteers, had renovated a house for

a local veteran. Hull 4 Heroes is now an organisation that Paul and Hull are very proud of, which is why there’s been such a fantastic community response of donations, help and support.

Paul has got to know Nick Knowles, presenter of DIY SOS well and together they have advanced plans to create not just a street for veterans, but a 22-acre ‘Veterans Village’ off Priory Road in Hull. The village will offer 54 log-cabin homes of various sizes with full disability access and plans to include a horticultural facility, visitor centre, shop and café, all open to the public.

Once planning permission is passed, Paul has the small matter of £8 million to raise, so the lights can’t change quickly enough.

For more information please contact Hull4Heroes.

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