Community means business

Not for the first time, but certainly under very different circumstances, the business world has rocked on its axis.


There’s one word that represents the way people and businesses are emerging from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, not totally unscathed but with determination to carry on, to adapt and go again.


That word is ‘Community’, and in our case, community means business.


Like most business The Business Culture Hull has had to adapt and move forward.


In order to fully understand what our members challenges are we carried out a survey entitled ‘How has Covid 19 affected your personally and how has it affected your business?’.


The results were not unexpected;  70% had seen a decrease in revenue, 15% no change and 15% had increased their revenue.


The survey also highlighted 3 key challenges; Client retention and communication, Sales and Marketing and Health and Wellbeing.


What are we doing to help?


With this valuable insight we have decided to introduce new weekly ‘Member Insights’


The idea is that we talk honestly and openly to fellow members about some of the challenges they are facing during this pandemic.


These weekly ‘open chats’ will be on topics specific to those challenges identified in the survey.  There will be no PowerPoints and no sales talk – just two people talking openly and honestly about their experiences – both good and bad!


The idea is that you listen and learn while gaining some great insights


Event Details


Details of the events, the speaker, topic, date and time will be emailed to all members plus posted within our Members Only groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Becoming a Member


If you would like to become a member of The Business Culture Hull and share in all its benefits please email [email protected]

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Community means business
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