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How to ‘Nail Your Niche’ – Presentation details by Laura Greenwood

Laura Greenwood from Your Lead Generation – Presented to The Business Culture Hull members on Thursday 4th June 2020 – these are some of the points Laura spoke about;


Laura helps small business owners embrace marketing to build a lead generation process in their business.


I am Laura Greenwood and I started my company Your Lead Generation in March 2019.

Prior to March 2019 I had spent 23 years growing and running my husband’s family business and raising 3 free range children!  A story for another day but the biggest lesson learnt is you cannot live and plan on Hopium!  Prior to that I was born and raised in horseracing, travelled the world training and selling horses and came back and grew a marketing career initially in management training systems  and then moved to be  Marketing Manager of the Jorvik Viking Centre in York and was very involved in marketing in the leisure and tourism industry.

It’s a popular saying isn’t it that your ideal client is often who you were 10 years ago!

My mission is to get as many small businesses building a sustainable, consistent and competent lead generation system in their business.  I went hard at offering one thing which was “done for you” marketing which has built up really well.

However, I can only work with so many clients 1:1 and so I have now taken my 6 step process and created The Lead Generation Mentoring Programme.

What did I talk about yesterday – here I my notes!

My way is an inbound marketing approach and is  built around  a 6 step system which spells out ANCHOR90 and comprises:

  1. Assessing where your lead gen is at now
  2. Nailing your niche
  3. Connecting and engaging with your ideal core client
  4. Honing your story message and content generation
  5. Organising your tech web and wizardry
  6. Realising the plan – taking action over 90 days

The interesting thing is that I have organising the tech and web and wizardry as step 5 – one of my biggest frustration is that business owners say “I spent loads on a website and it doesn’t work”.  Genuinely I believe the websites are usually great and he problem was the business was  just not clear on what they wanted it to do.  My approach clears that up and gets you briefing the web wizards clearer so that it does work for you.

The pivotal step is in step 2 Nail Your Niche – this is where you define what you stand for, who you serve and the value they bring – a lot of stuff there!

Obviously I cannot go into the depth my full programme does but I am going to cover what we go through in the 5 day challenge  that I have set up – I am running my first this week – it will be tweaked from my own learnings and the feedback but this is the basic sprint through step 2 Nail Your Niche.


The 5 Day Challenge

“Nail Your Niche”

5 days of tasks and support and help and nudges from me through the day and on the daily live to get the work done – its very hard to do this work on your own!


Day 1 – Challengees look at where they at with  their lead generation how is your web, direct marketing and social media working for you to generate leads, what is your main source of leads and what is your elevator pitch (if you have one)


Day 2  – Challengees have to choose one ideal client and I know you have all seen the huge questionnaires and avatars that can be built.  For the challenge I ask them to identify them and what position they identify themselves as who they answer to etcc and then I ask them to consider the day the are having today.


Day 3 – Challengees  talk about themselves as its about the product/service/package. The tricky thing here is doing it from the point of their identified ideal client.   Be clear on what you sell – if you are in services be clear on what you are offering and detail the extras.   People need a package to consider.  You can have bespoke ones too but have some clear offers and think about the upsells too.


Day 4 – today we are starting to pull the niche together  and I have picked just 4 issues from my larger table for them to bring what we offer with the problem we are solving and the afters they are going to feel – less stress, accolades from colleagues, pride, security, prevention of loss, look good infront of others – all these emotional triggers that they are ultimately fixing with what you offer.


Day 5 –  We look for the wow – what skill, product, service could they add to their package to make it top of the their game and how does the future look or that niche – will it still exist what threatens it, they might find the disruption they need to be.   At the minimum what skills, developments, upsells do they need to be looking at looking forward.

Next challenge starts Monday 6th July, sign up here


What is a Lead


There are 2 types – cold and warm or passive and active .  I want to talk about a possible  journey a lead  takes between the 2.

A passive lead comes across you or you get in their way on social media,  or in the good old days maybe at aconference or networking event.  Whatever, you pique their curiosity because you resonate with them.  They come and look you over (at their own time and choosing and via whatever platform they find you ) and they see that you belong in the same world.  They don’t want to buy anything but they stick around as you talk their language and they are curious about what you are talking about

The carry on consuming your content and they agree at some stage to swap some of your extra knowledge – say an ebook, pdf, webinar for the contact details.

They are now a connection and for clarity they expect to hear from you – they know that’s the deal.

They continue to consume and you offer Call To Actions (CTAs) along the way in the forms of offers, demos, trials etc.  You make it clear how they can buy what you offer and they may consider those and go through to close to a sale or they may not and stay in this nurture area of consuming and getting to know you.

There are also warm leads that come in – a lot of these will come in via your SEO, Googleads – they are looking for what you offer they put in their search terms and you pop up they click through and they like what they see and are ready to go to consider and closing!

So you think I just want those warm leads – you need both.

The passive leads that come into nurture and build the know like and trust will generally turn out to the be where the lifetime value is – they tell all their friends about you and they repeat buy.  The warm leads might be more transactional and buy once and go.

The point I am trying to get across is how important it is to have your world set up right whether for organic growth or paid growth.  This journey they take with you is pretty much at their own time and choosing – you really need your content and proposition to resonate and your world in order.  As once its in order you can automate the hell out of it!


Get in touch if you think I can help you build your lead generation process in your business!


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