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Highlighting Quality Services in Hull for the NHS

Back on the 9th of May, I took part in an engagement event with NHS Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group in my role as Language is Everything’s Service Delivery Director. With the news cycle the way it is at the moment, you might be forgiven for thinking that something that happened or was said more than 24 hours ago is old news, but this was a very important event for us, the CCG and most importantly, the patients and NHS professionals. The session was aimed at receiving feedback on NHS Sutton CCG’s quality of service for both interpreting and diabetic healthcare, and was developed using NHS guidelines for EDS2, in particular the encouragement of feedback from community groups and others directly supporting or accessing the specific services commissioned by the CCG.


As always, the technical and medical jargon was being thrown about faster than a hot potato with a nervous twitch, but overall the feedback from service users and those accessing interpreting and translation services was very positive. We delivered an overview of interpreting and translation facilities as part of a joint presentation with the CCG Project Support and Contracts Officer and the CCG Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager (pictured), who chaired the panel undertaking the Language is Everything service quality review of CCG interpreting provisions.


We were delighted to have the opportunity to get some direct feedback on our services, and in whatever small way, strengthen our working relationship between ourselves in Hull and our NHS clients nationally. We would also like to thank all those who attended and provided feedback and suggestions. We look forward to working with all community groups, professionals and the CCG, to drive service awareness and equality of access for all. Public sector audits, whilst they may strike greater fear into the heart of management than being asked to get a round in at the pub, are an important way of highlighting the availability and quality of services delivered by businesses in Hull and across the country.

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