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Gary King from Tendo to speak at our next business event

The Business Culture Hull is pleased to announce that Gary King from Tendo will be presenting at their next business networking event in Hull on Wednesday 12th July.

Who is Gary King?

Gary King is a straight talking Yorkshire man and businessman who has spent almost 30 years in business, tackling just about every issue you’re ever likely to encounter. What he’s learnt along the way is that what really matters to small business owners is having the freedom to choose.Gary

For many, the dream of running a successful business is far from reality when you are working long hours and weekends, not paying yourself enough to have a great lifestyle and not able to spend quality time with your friends and family.  That’s the reality for most.

Tendo was founded by Gary to support business owners just like you to build the right business, one which will deliver you the freedom to choose when you work and how much you get paid

Build a business that pays you more money

What would an extra £5k a month mean to you?  Are you paying yourself enough or are you working long hours, with little reward and feel like you’re the only one in your business who really cares?  Do you have the financial or time freedom to take time out with family and friends?  An extra £5k could deliver you the freedom to choose so that YOU are in control.

Gary will share with you his top tips on how to increase your income to build a successful business that delivers you the personal and financial freedom you desire.

More time, more money, more choice.

If you would like to attend this Hull networking event please book here…. Business Event

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