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Free Business Health Check 2020

Expires: January 31, 2020

Free Business Health Check 2020

We go into January 2020 with great ideas of going on a diet, going to the gym, doing more yoga, eating less chocolate or to just generally looking after ourselves more.

These are all great things for your body and mind…. BUT what about your business’s health? Have you given it the Health Check it deserves?

At River we are offering a free no obligation Health Check on the following areas:
• Telecoms – Phone systems, calls/lines, Fibre, Mobiles
• Energy – Gas, Electric, Green Energy and Energy Saving Devices
• IT Support

WHY should these areas be reviewed???
• Over paying on your energy bills because you didn’t get a chance to look at renewing is going to cost your business £££££££.
• Inefficient telephone systems could be losing you calls which may lead to lost sales.
• Long waiting times for IT issues to be resolved can impact your customer service and ability to deliver.

With this offer we can arrange for one of our consultants to visit your office to have a quick chat. From there we can provide you with a cost-effective solution.

We can find the best solutions at the best prices which suit your business the best.

To avail of this offer contact me before the 31st January, [email protected] or call 01482 755882

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