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Don’t give up!

By Tony Bowler – Found of The Business Culture Hull – a local Hull Business Networking Group.


The Business Culture Hull is all about inspirational local people and a lot of time and consideration goes into finding great speakers for our monthly business networking events.

For our April event however I wanted to go a bit further, and when I came across Steve Judge as an example of someone who epitomises what The Business Culture Hull is all about, I wondered if?

To be honest, I didn’t think there would be much of a chance of Steve agreeing to speak at our event as he is in such high demand. Never one to shy away from a challenge I contacted Steve via LinkedIn, thinking what’s the worst that could happen?

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Nothing came back but at least I’d tried, and I turned mythoughts to other options when, to my surprise and delight, Steve returned my message!  Not only did he say yes, but he also agreed on a fee that I could not turn down.

Anticipating that Steve would draw an even bigger crowd than usual meant that a change of venue was needed, we also couldn’t miss this opportunity for showcasing The Business Culture Hull and once again, the membership rose to the challenge. Rachel Underwood from The Village Hotel kindly offered to sponsor the event, Mike and Nathan from VIP Creative agreed to video Steve’s presentation, and Kevin Greene offered his services as the event photographer.

Everything in place, we were ready to welcome Steve Judge.

Steve’s unique approach to a challenge was evident even before the event, having made a point of getting to know as much as he could about our members meaning he could engage in meaningful conversation from the minute he arrived. Steve created a warm and vibrant atmosphere in the room and made the members feel valued, and felt like we were welcoming a fellow member.

Business Networking Events Hull

Steve’s presentation didn’t disappoint either. His story is incredible, thought-provoking and inspirational. I know most people would have given up following the horrific car accident in 2002 in which Steve came very close to losing his legs. Not Steve, his character, determination and desire pushing him on and on to realise his dream in 2011 and again in 2012 when he became a World Paratriathlon gold medallist.

Steve never gave up.

Steve was a massive hit, and you could have heard a pin drop throughout his presentation. That wasn’t only through good manners; it was because the whole audience was enthralled. I know Steve changed many lives that day, mine included.

If you ever get a chance to see Steve Judge and hear his incredible story, I would thoroughly recommend you grab the remotest opportunity with both hands, just like he does.


If you would like to become a member of The Business Culture Hull please contact Tony at

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