Day One in Malaysia

Well here we are, Day 1 in Kuala Lumpur on the Mega Tech Mission in Malaysia! It’s a truly beautiful city with many trees, undoubtedly hot,  and we have received a very warm welcome.

The day started with a briefing from conference organisers and officials including Deborah Clark, the Director of Trade and Investment from the Department for International Trade, and Sridaran Sabapathy from the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce.

We were informed of the fast paced growing Malaysian IT market. It has become clear that Malaysia has a need for advanced IT skills and they clearly have the ambition to become an International IT Power House. With a plethora of multi-industry projects under way, Malaysia is a vibrant and developing market place. UK companies, like us here at Humber IT, are ideally placed to offer highly sort after skills and are in a prime position to deliver these to the market.

The day proceeded with 7 carefully matched business meetings in which we discovered both local and international market opportunities. Other networking opportunities, including course fabulous meal and a drinks reception, allowed further contacts to be made and potential business links to be formed.

On a personal note, we have met some inspiring people who will be following up with both professionally and socially. We have found the Malaysian people warm and pleasant – just like the climate!

After such a successful first day, we eagerly await the opportunities that tomorrow will bring.

Check out the photos and more here.


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