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Congratulations to our new Chartered Manager!

Encompass would like to congratulate our Hub Manager Joella Hawkswell for gaining her well deserved Chartered Manager status.

Starting as a management assessor with Encompass in 2015, Joella has progressed into the HR and Hub Manager Role. The Hub is the central knowledge area for the whole company and covers knowledge sharing, communication, marketing, company accreditations, business development and human resources.

Joella completed her Apprenticeship in Level 5 Management last year and is currently awaiting her result for her CIPD Level 5 Human Resources Management certificate. Joella is programme lead for our strategic partnership with CMI.

‘My role has had a direct impact in securing the contracts to deliver apprenticeships to levy-paying organisations, in facilitating good IAG to all our clients, managing employee expectation in-house, and gaining the necessary accreditation to secure tenders for further work and has facilitated the improvement of processes and practices, leading the organisation to work in a more cost-effective and efficient way.’

Well done Joella, keep it up!

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