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Members of The Business Culture Hull namely, Fiona Wales from Dare Greatly, Jenny Fothergill from APS Legal and Jan Stainforth from Beverley Community Lift took part in a sponsored Skydive in aid of Beverley Community Lift.

Fiona reports…

I’m a big believer in demonstrating to others that the things I say are important to me, really are.  I named my company Dare Greatly as I truly believe that doing, changing or learning something new takes courage.  So, when the opportunity arose to prove how important this is for me, I jumped at it.


On the 22nd July at Hibaldstow airfield I, along with Jenny Fothergill of APS Legal and Jan Stainforth of Beverley Community Lift, did a tandem skydive from a height of 15000 feet, or 3 miles if you prefer – the highest altitude you can do this from in the UK.  Many people asked me “Why do you want to jump out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft?”.  My answer was simple, to raise money for Beverley Community Lift’s replacement minibus fund.


BCL provides a much needed, and very valued transport service, to many elderly, disabled and rurally isolated people in Beverley and the surrounding villages.  It offers much more than just transport, for many clients it is the chance to meet up with friends on the weekly shopper bus or on one of the many social trips provided.  For others, it’s knowing that someone will collect them from their front door and stay with them throughout their medical appointment, before returning them back home safe and sound.  BCL helps people keep their social lives and independence for longer.  So, when given the chance to help how could I say no?


For those who are wondering, whilst I cannot speak for my fellow jumpers, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would definitely do it again.


You can still donate by clicking on:


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