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Businesses encouraged to seek inspiration at free seminar

The James Legal InspiringBusiness2019 campaign to support SMEs across the region enjoyed a cracking start back in March with the announcement of the 2018 competition winner at a seminar that was bursting at the seams with inspiration from keynote speakers Tony Bowler, who runs premier business club The Business Culture Hull, and internationally renowned hypnotherapist Sheila Granger.

And now the Hull-based law firm is taking bookings for the second event of this year’s campaign, which is due to take place at the Hallmark Hotel on Wednesday June 19. Two more fascinating speakers will be sharing the story of their personal journeys – former Mr Universe and fitness entrepreneur Mark Bowering, and Beverley Building Society Chief Executive Karl Elliott.

Nick Miller, Solicitor and Managing Director of James Legal, said: “Our speakers always give the audience some real food for thought in sharing the lessons they have learned on their path to business success.

“Local business-people are encouraged to come along to the seminar to hear their stories, network with other businesses, and maybe even enter our InspiringBusiness2019 competition.”

Hull-born Mark Bowering believes having a cause is the single most important factor in business success. And if anyone has lived the dream, he has. Having come up with a crack business idea in his 20s, he rode the rise of the internet in the late 1990s to build his patented fitness supplement brand PhD into the leading product of its type in the UK, then sold it to Boots in 2015 to make his fortune.

Some might have expected him to give it all up at that point and opt for an easier life. Not Mark. He carried on working on what he loves – in fact, the very things that inspired his early win in the first place: his Peak Physique gym and Monster Supplements health and fitness store on New Cleveland Street in Hull.

Mark said: “I think being successful in business ultimately comes down to knowing what motivates you and remaining true to that – for me, it’s about helping people to live better, more fulfilled lives.”

In 2017, after a 25-year career in the world of finance, Karl Elliott proudly stepped up to the top role at Beverley Building Society.

Brought up in a working-class area of north east England and the first member of his family to go to university, Karl almost accidentally found himself in a graduate trainee role at a building society, with zero knowledge of what a ‘mutual’ even was.

He said: “I had no desire to be a banker, I just needed a job! But the values of a mutual organisation felt absolutely right to me then, and they still do now. I’m motivated by trying to do right thing for customers, connecting with people and making a genuine difference to their lives.”

Karl’s story entails a rollercoaster of highs and lows both in his work and personal life, with a catalogue of pivotal lessons that perhaps didn’t make much sense at the time but now –  with the benefit of hindsight – he understands were crucial steps towards his current success and happiness.

To hear more from Mark and Karl on June 19, attendees should book their free seats via Eventbrite. The event will begin at 10am at the Hallmark Hotel, Ferriby High Road, North Ferriby, HU14 3LG.

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