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We’re a tech start up who have created a tool to log moods, time stamp them and visualise them so for the first time ever you can truly see how you, or someone you care about or for, has been feeling.

Run that information alongside what you already do to record activity and wow, you have a whole new metric for measuring mood against performance, health, work or your home life 🙂

Moodbeam started when my young daughter was suffering from anxiety. We both wished for a day when we could see how she’d been feeling when she wasn’t with me. So I set about inventing a wearable/pocketable device that could do just that.

Alongside me every step of the way on this exciting journey is Jonathan Elvidge, my business partner, and a fantastically talented small team of designers and hardware and software specialists.

Working with the the NHS, CHCP and CCG, rehabilitation charities, homeless charities, cancer charities, therapists, near psychologists, universities, schools, dieticians, army veterans, able bodied and paralympic elite sports men and women, well known musicians and artists (to name a few!) we have found something that allows a non verbal way of opening up completely new conversations.

Check out out website to find out where we are on this incredible journey of discovery.

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