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James Legal Solicitors in Hull provide quality advice to businesses and individuals, but we do it with a real difference.

The fact is that stereotypically Solicitors have often been seen as unapproachable, stuffy, jargonistic and very expensive – Our mission is to turn that stereotype on its head.

As you will see we offer the usual legal services: employment advice, litigation, business advice, buying or selling a property, commercial property, wills, trusts and much much more. What you will find a refreshing change is the way in which we provide legal advice.

With free consultations, fixed price legal costs, flexible payments, legal support services and bundled legal services, to name but a few, we are sure you find complete transparency around the whole traditional “legal costs” mystery.

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Planet House
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2 Woodhouse Street
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Hedon Road
James Legal The Business Culture Hull.jpg 5 years ago
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