AMFA Training – Certified by FA, RFL and RFU

As well as safety (of course!) at AMFA training we advocate doing what you love and we have been lucky enough to combine that with our work!

Following work with sports clubs all over the country and support with the teams our families participate in we have been busy taking additional training and are now certified to teach first aid to sports teams.

We have trained with England Rugby to become certified in Emergency First Aid for Rugby and have also taken additional training with the Football Association to be certified in Intermediate First Aid for Sport, which is a course reserved for medical professionals. This training and certification means we are able to provide event cover to football and rugby matches and we are proud to say we are the only trainer in Hull who is certified by the FA, RFL and the RFU!

Safety in sport has become more of a talking point in recent years and thanks to the hard work of professional players they have raised awareness of proper medical care even at an amateur level.

Danny Washbrook, Hull FC Challenge Cup Winner 2017 has said, “It is hugely important to have qualified first aiders at amateur games, not only do they provide immediate help to any potential injuries it also gives parents/friends/fans peace of mind that the players are in capable hands should there be an incident”

AMFA Training supports this work to ensure adults and young people have access to the correct medical care pitch side at the point of the injury. Immediately after an injury is a key time and often incorrect care can exacerbate a condition. Having properly trained first aiders specialised for sports care is important to ensure a fun game doesn’t become a real pain. Rhys Lovegrove, Doncaster RLFC agrees, ‘A person with first aid training at any sporting event is crucial. There are times when being seen immediately after sustaining an Injury is crucial. Such a small thing could end up making a huge difference’.

In Hull we are proud of our sporting heritage and as one of the only cities with two professional rugby clubs and a premiership football team we have huge amounts of local talent. As the only trainer in Hull certified by the three major sporting organisationns we are pleased to be given opportunity to support our local talent and ensure they are able to carry on doing what they love and hopefully help keep those teams high up in the league tables!

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