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Alessandro Caruso Architects (ACA) Allam Diabetes Centre Works Start!

ACA is thrilled that designs for the new build £6m Allam Diabetes Centre have achieved planning approval!  Not only, works have already started on site at the front of Hull Royal Infirmary.

It wasn’t an easy process as timescales were extremely tight with the added difficulty of the site being located in a high flood risk area.  Fortunately, ACA has an excellent working relationship with the local planners and a 100 successful planning approval rate.  Early engagement with the planners and the provision of very comprehensive supporting documentation to mitigate the flood risk achieved an excellent result. A realistic 3D video also translated the vision into plain and simple language.

The state of the art Allam Diabetes Centre will become a local landmark beacon, replacing the old Wilson building.

Hull City owner, Dr Allam generously donated £6m to Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to design a building which would cater for the care and treatment of patients with diabetes and metabolic bone diseases.

The brief was to create a stunning landmark at the front of Hull Royal Infirmary.  The designs propose a building with a definite wow factor Hull can be proud of and there is even a garden roof.

The building is expected to be complete by Spring next year.

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