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A Quick M.O.T on Your Motivation!


When running your own business one of the key areas you need to keep firmly on track is your motivation!  A focus on your goals – with an ability to adapt and be flexible when necessary – only gets you so far!  You need the energy and enthusiasm to sustain your way to your dreams in business!  You will need to be adaptable and keep your optimism levels up – even when the going gets tough.  It will really test your personal resilience and ability to self-actualise (fluffy word, in this context meaning ‘be everything you want to be’).  Let’s help you with a starters for ten!

  • Mindset Don’t be afraid to change your mindset and challenge your assumptions! It’s a strength not a weakness!
  • Leadership is all about performance. You will need a healthy dollop of self-management: made up of self-control, self-confidence and self-reliance.  You will need really good social skills and be excellent at building relationships.
  • Management Be honest now. Are you actually good at organising, directing, sorting, delegating…coping…with multiple tasks, often incomplete and all demanding your time, energy, decision making or brain power?  You need to be!
  • Productivity Pick one thing, focus and commit to doing it well. Things that side track us are becoming ‘over’: overbooked, overcommitted, over extended, overwhelmed – as we get reactive and haphazard.  Decide what to do first.  Under pressure, the best decisions get traded for any decision.  Busy-ness is NOT business – that’s not being effective.
  • Saving Time Good time management skills is key to running a good business – and keeping your sanity! You’ll find yourself checking emails at 11pm and thinking about your business constantly.  You’ll never switch off and finding balance will be a challenge.  Keep a time diary – assess how much time you spend generating ‘result’s v ‘thoughts, conversations and actions that do not really serve much purpose.’
  • Confidence & Control You will need lots of self-awareness to know when your confidence is being tested and have the confidence to remain calm and considered – even under pressure. Have the attitude and mentality of “I can handle this/fix this/get it done/have the solution/can figure this out/leave it with me…”
  • Self-Awareness & Reliance What are your habits, behaviours and attitudes? Are you self-sufficient? A self-starter? A completer finisher? – or do you always have to rely on others?
  • Resistors & Derailleurs How to deal with resisters and derailleurs? Keep sight of your goal and vision, never lower your standards or your personal values for others, know yourself inside out and stay true to who you are.  Understand your business and the business environment you are in.
  • Optimism Tap into your sunny side – and stay there! Whatever the day throws your way link it to good stuff!  Remember: there is positive intent in anything!
  • Negotiating & Influencing Sharpen your skills at being able to interact with others. Without lowering your own sights, give thought to what the other person wants (and needs) from your conversation/interaction.  Frame your offer into a direct benefit for them.  But the golden rule: don’t be afraid to ask for what you want!


Build Your Business Training runs courses on building your confidence and esteem, so that you may be better equipped to enter negotiations more assuredly and deal with the issues life throws at us all when running a business.  We can help you keep your wheels on the ground and moving forward with motivation! Book now


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