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A Healthy Team For The Winter

Winter is coming and the sickness bugs are going to be doing the rounds wether your team is in an office that has the central heating cranked up high or outside braving it in whatever mother nature throws at us this year. 

Why the increase in sickness?

We are inside more, even this working outdoors go home and stay inside more than they would do in the summer months, meaning we breathe the same stale air. Plus being inside means less sunlight so Vitamin D and Melatonin levels drop, as both need sunlight for their generation, which in turn compromises our immune system decreasing our ability to fight off disease.

What can your team possibly do to reduce this?

  • Promote sleep quality, if you see team members looking tired do some digging. Remember the more hours sleep you get the less cranky you’ll be.
  • If you work outside then wrap up.
  • Hydration is vital! The human body needs this to function and transport all those lovely vitamin and minerals. Try water breaks between tea & coffee breaks.
  • Anti-Bacterial hand wash to minimise the spread of germs.
  • Offer fruit & vegetables in the break room/canteen/office. Vitamin C and Zinc are great for the immune system and promote recovery for those who have already caught the sickness bug.
  • Regular exercise is a great way to keep the immune system strong, whether thats in the gym, recreational sport or brisk winter walks.

Business owners and team leaders looking to improve staff wellbeing please feel free to contact me: OR 07827322532.

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