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5 top tips when selecting your Managed Print Provider.

As a business, you are presented with a number of different options when selecting your managed print provider.

The right MPS provider can play a critical role within your business, improving the way information is passed throughout your company whilst reducing costs, typically 3% of your annual turnover.

With so many different packages available we have outlined 5 top tips and pointers to help you create your Intelligent printing environment.

1.  Understand your current situation.  

A true managed print provider will always go through the discovery process, conducting an in-depth assessment that identifies your current and future needs. This will include current costs, print volume, document security & paper waste.

A good MPS provider will also understand any future plans the business has over the contract period. Understanding things change within the printing environment is key, allowing for periods of peaks or plans to create a more paperless office, including automation and workflow.

2.  Proactive service is Key.

In this day and age submitting meter readings and ordering toner is a thing of the past. When choosing your new MPS provider understanding how proactive their service is could not only save you time but money.

Your devices should be configured to alert the provider when a technical problem or service is needed, notifying an engineer that a site visit is needed.

Ensuring that the uptime of your device is KEY.

3.  Simplified billing.

One of the advantages of an MPS agreement is the simplified billing. More and more we see MPS providers committing people into lengthy contracts with an unrealistic minimum volume and additional charges.

By choosing a provider that is transparent in their billing process will eliminate further costs been added at a later period, for example, toner delivery, network support charges, the list goes on.

 A true MPS provider will send you 1 invoice (usually paid monthly) in arrears, outlining both the colour and mono volume produced over the last 30-day period.

4.  Read the small print.

When it comes to the stage of signing contracts always take the time to read the small print. Sometimes this looks like a lengthy process and you put your trust in the MPS provider, however, you may come across additional cost the MPS provider has brushed over or not even mentioned, one of the most common ones being asset protection charge.

Also, understanding the provider’s termination policy is key should you decide to exit this before the contract minimum period, as there may be a buy-out fee or other penalties.

5.  Account management.

A good MPS provider will create a true business relationship, creating a long-term partnership rather than another number in their books.

Every business needs and requirements change, by having account reviews every 3,6 or 12 months allows you to raise any concerns/problems you may have.

Also, this allows you to discuss any future projects the provider may be able to assist with through there extended offering they may not have discussed previously, creating a true partnership between both companies.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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