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5 Key Benefits of Being Cyber Essentials Certified

You’d be surprised at just how many businesses think they won’t be a target of cyber crime. Are you one of those?

Every business is digital, they might just not know it yet.

And of course, where there is technology, there is risk.

But the benefits of technology can far outweigh the negative.

We mitigate risks in many other areas of our businesses – health & safety, fire and even physical theft.

So why wouldn’t you mitigate the risks of cyber crime?

Because the consequences are rarely physical, maybe we look past it?

But as a minimum, your business should be Cyber Essentials certified.

To put it in perspective, it’s like having an intruder alarm for your business – it’s only good if you have processes in place to ensure someone closes the windows and locks the doors each night.

Can you afford to ignore these benefits?

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